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For more information on our Professional Spa, Swim Spa and Aquatic Training Vessel Moving services, please see our Bower Spa Service, LLC, ads under “Services – Labor / Hauling / Moving” here on Craigslist Medford. Thank you!

**FREE PROFESSIONAL HOT TUB, SPA SWIM SPA AND AQUATIC TRAINING VESSEL REMOVAL SERVICES for any spa or hot tub that HAS VALUE ACCORDING TO OUR STANDARDS. We recycle everything possible to help keep our planet green and take the rest to a local certified landfill.

While common business sense doesn’t allow us to remove and pay to dispose of your old junk spa at no charge, we do offer very reasonable prices for our removal and disposal services depending on size, access and distance. Cost is based on reasonable access to your spa location and several other factors. A quick call and a few photo’s of your tub is generally all we need to give you a firm quote. Generally, a disposal to the landfill inside the Rogue Valley runs between $275-$395 depending on access and other variables. Tubs 84″or more on any side can run as much as $150 more, and Swim Spas / Aquatic Training Vessels rates are quoted based on length and access, so please be sure to know the make, model and measured size of your spa.

In addition, we move and remove and may even pay cash for spas, swim spas, or aquatic training vessels that are in decent condition – even if they need parts or a new cover and some work. Valued on a case by case basis we’ll sure do our best to help you.

Please be ready with the following information:

What is the size of the spa in feet and inches? (not 4 or 5 person, etc)
How old is the spa and what brand of spa is it?
How long has it been since the spa was running?
Is the spa set into a deck or hole, or is it encumbered in any way as to make removal extremely difficult?
Can you send me several photos of the spa, inside and out, as well as the pathway the spa will travel (on end)?

Please call with any questions or to schedule your removal. There MUST BE REASONABLE ACCESS at your location. The path the spa will travel must be cleared of obstructions prior to our arrival (Please see photo’s of how spas are moved with a Spa Dolly Kart for reference). If you still have access concerns, please be prepared to send photo’s and we’ll get right back to you.

Thank you so much!

Dan Bower
Bower Spa Service, LLC
Cell: 541 787 1191




We want to make your spa move prompt, efficient, safe, and as inexpensive as possible. All you need is a tape measure and a way to send pictures to our email or cell phone.

FIRST: WE DO NOT NEED TO BACK RIGHT UP TO THE SPA UNLESS IT IS A SWIM SPA OR OVERSIZE TUB OVER 96″ LONG. We do, however, need space around the tub to place it on it’s side. From there, we need a clear path to the driveway or street where we will load it onto our Spa Dolly Trailer.

If there is any doubt about your access, please be prepared to send clear photo’s of your spa and pathways.

NEXT: PLEASE MEASURE THE SPA. (Example 84” x 90” x 36” high). We cannot give a firm quote without that information. When possible, please include the age and brand of the spa. It helps us with weight and size questions.


WHEN YOUR SPA IS ON IT’S SIDE, IT WILL BE FIVE INCHES TALLER WITH OUR SPA KART UNDERNEATH IT. Please account for the extra height when you measure overhead clearances such as eaves, gutters, arbors and tree limbs and remove them or locate an alternative path prior to our arrival.

GATE OPENINGS must be at least 35″ wide at the NARROWEST POINT (including hinges and hardware) to accommodate our Spa Kart. If your spa is taller than 35″ with the cover removed, then we need at least an inch more for gate clearance.

OUR SPA KART ALLOWS US TO MOVE SPAS OVER DIRT, GRASS OR GRAVEL QUITE EASILY. If you have a very muddy or soft path, you may need to lay down planks or plywood prior to our arrival, but that is generally unnecessary. If you can walk without sinking, it’s probably fine.


WE DO NOT MOVE SPAS AT ALL COSTS. There MUST be reasonable access to safely move a spa on it’s side with a Spa Kart (please see images). Dangerous, extremely steep or difficult access may require you to hire a crane. If there is any doubt, a few photo’s of your site(s) and some exact measurements is all we need to help you decide.

WE DO NOT LIFT OR CARRY HOT TUBS over railings, heat pumps, fences or other obstacles, nor do we place or remove them on or off high decks with steep staircases. All spas generally deliver ground level on their side using our Spa Kart or Spa Sled Mover, then laid down.

WE DO NOT LIFT IN-DECK OR SUNKEN SPAS up and out of decks (holes) or place them there. We must be able to stand the spa upright onto our Spa Kart or Spa Sled and/or lay it down and slide it into place. Please consider serviceability of your spa before deciding to place it into a deck or build a deck completely around it.

WE CANNOT SAFELY OPERATE OUR SPA KART ON STEEP INCLINES (anything more than 2 feet of rise/fall over a 10 foot distance). In some cases, if the homeowner provides assistance, we can still make it happen as long as it is safe.


PLEASE clean up after your dogs or other animals prior to our arrival! The path the spa will travel must be clear of any obstacles, including vehicles, boats and trailers, and general items.

PLEASE look inside your tub to be absolutely sure it is reasonably drained the day before our arrival (a little water is normal) – and have the electrical wires disconnected as best you can – we can only cut the wires to your spa. We cannot perform electrical work. Please consult a licensed electrician to be safe.

With good information about your spa and location, we’ll take care of your spa move with a cheerful attitude and prompt, reliable service. Please remember, the effort you take prior to our arrival will keep your costs at or below our estimate.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Dan Bower
Bower Spa Service, LLC


A few Of Our Our Customer Reviews and Testimonials . . .

“Dan Bower is a joy to work with. He was prompt, courteous, and even helped us sell our Jacuzzi on Craigslist! We highly recommend his services.” – R and J Venekamp, Medford, OR

“I was very impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of Dan and Dylan. I have 1,000 lb 8’x8′ foot tub that had to be threaded through the eye of a needle to get out of my backyard. They were fast, confident, and made this nearly impossible job look easy. The icing on the cake was the extra effort they displayed to help put my backyard back together. They went ABOVE and BEYOND to make this as easy for me as possible. What was especially impressive, is that they conveyed concern, compassion, and competence while being socially distant and wearing appropriate PPE. I would not hesitate to refer my friends or family to Dan at Bower Spa Service, LLC! THANK YOU!!!!” – Adam Fox, DMD, Medford, OR

“We thought this was going to be difficult. Do what we did: Hire Dan for your old hot tub removal. Relax. Enjoy the rest of your day.” – Tom and Michele, Roseburg, OR

“We moved our hot tub twice. . . it took four or five of my (former) friends to do it. My wife suggested I hire professional spa movers this time. . . he moved our 1,000 lb. Integrity Spa like it was nothing.” – Dave and Julie, Applegate, OR

“We worried about having our new Catalina Swim Spa moved because (the dealer), who sold and delivered it just a year earlier, wouldn’t help us! Bower Spa Service, LLC had better equipment than they did and Dan and his son, Dylan, went above and beyond what we expected to bring our beautiful spa to our new home in Jacksonville. Thank you Dan and Dylan for a job well done.” The Daugherty’s, Jacksonville, Oregon

“Dan has moved our family spa three times over the years and we’re always impressed with his can-do attitude and eagerness to help us with our project. I wish more people ran their business like Dan at Bower Spa Service, LLC.” – Jeff R., Phoenix, OR

“Dude. You rock. That was awesome!” – John B., Applegate, OR

“Wow! This guy really knows his stuff. We wish we had known about him when we bought our spa. . . (the company) we used before didn’t have half the equipment he has . . . and they were two days late.”- The Nielsen’s, Eagle Point, OR

“We called all over to find a professional spa mover. Bower Spa Service, LLC was referred to us by no less than three local spa dealers – including the one we bought our spa from barely a year before! Dan promptly returned our call and made it happen quickly and efficiently, and at a very fair price. He’s not just the best choice for moving spas, apparently he’s the ONLY choice. Thanks, Dan!” – Sue and Dana, Central Point, OR

“When our big Aquaterra Spa developed leaks, Bower Spa Service, LLC helped us return it to Costco and then brought us our replacement right from the trucking company’s dock at the same time! We never had to go without thanks to Dan and crew .” – Jim S., Shady Cove, OR

“The last spa guy who moved our spa on a flatbed truck crunched the cabinet – and we had plumbing leaks that weren’t there the day before! We believe in using the right hot tub and spa cart so we’ll always recommend Dan at Bower Spa Service, LLC to friends and family.” – S. Miller, Sunny Valley, OR






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