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Location: Eugene, Oregon

This position must follow regulatory, Oregon Tilth regulations, Safety regulations, and GMP compliance at all times.

Supervised by: Director of Product Development and Management (DPDM)

General Description: This is a full-time position required to be in the office Monday-Friday. The Product Coordinator will support the Products Department with a variety of daily and as-needed tasks. This position will require a general knowledge of all our product lines and specific details about assigned lines. This will be an on-going learning experience.

Wage starting at $16.00 per hour

Knowledge, skills, and abilities required:
• Must have a strong work ethic.
• Must have the ability to perform quick and accurate work with a strong attention to detail and cleanliness.
• Ongoing and timely communication with the Product Manager as well as multiple departments.
• Average to above average creative writing skills and reading comprehension.
• Average to above average computer proficiency with multiple programs.
• Above average eye for detail and interpretation skills.
• Average to above average math skills.
• Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
• Ability to maintain organization with paperwork and electronic files.
• Position requires the ability to “shift gears” at a moment’s notice and have a professional attitude.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Dependability: is consistently at work and on time, follows instructions, responds to management direction, and solicits feedback for improved performance.
2. Reliable, punctual, ability to stay focused and multi-task in a busy environment.
3. Following MRH procedures and protocols.
4. Product Line Management. Each Product Coordinator is assigned different product lines to oversee. This includes but is not limited to:
a. Product website management. Managing website listings for lot or product specific updates, image updates, profiles changes and other updates as needed.
b. Communicate with Creative Department for needed product image updates.
c. Discontinued products. Coordinate and follow procedures for discontinued items.
d. Research New Products. Researching possible new products and trends, checking product requests from Customer Service and Analytics website searches, conducting market research, working with Purchasing and Procurement to ensure availability/supply.
e. New product generation. Coordinate new products starting with our FSMA requirements through product launch and marketing campaigns. This involves knowledge of all systems and coordinating with multiple departments for needed attributes for website and internal workflow.
f. Product R&D and/or formulation. Includes but is not limited to formulating new in-house made products, industry research, suggesting finished product names, and blending samples for review.
g. Product pricing. Conduct single product cost reviews that are submitted for approval and communicate with Purchasing and Procurement departments on disposition, assist on industry audits, and other tasks as needed.
h. Communication with the Products Updates email group.
5. General Label Management. The Label Lead is responsible for specific label information and specifications (See Additional Job Functions). Product Coordinators are responsible for the following related to managed product lines.
a. General Knowledge and understanding of regulatory compliance for labels and certifications.
b. Generate new product labels and maintain active label updates. Includes creating new product labels from existing templates, active label updates, department approvals, and organizing active, obsolete, and pending label files.
c. Maintenance of digital and printed label library.
d. Generate product specific supplement and nutritional panels. Interpret product analysis for finished product panels as needed and generate compliant panels for product labeling.
e. Managing extra label requests as needed. Print extra labels for various department as needed.
6. Knowledge and understanding of how products and their attributes function within each system; including label software, purchasing software, website, inventory systems, customer invoicing, and production needs.
7. Knowledge and understanding of regulatory compliance for claims information.
8. Journal product updates. This includes but is not limited to notating any changes for assigned product lines within the printed journals and participating in proofing and data entry as needed.
9. Researching and addressing specific customer questions.
10. Products knowledge base and SharePoint management.
11. Assist in general product audits and data collection.
12. Willingness to learn and perform new procedures, equipment, and technologies.
13. Other Duties as assigned.

Additional Job Functions as Assigned:
1. Marketing Liaison. Coordinate with the Marketing Team on product blogs and other needs as they arise. Writing and assigning blogs within the Products Department as needed. Updating current blogs for product changes.
2. Monthly special management. This includes setting special discounts, managing listings on the website and FM systems, maintaining extra sales items as needed, and communicating with the Products Updates email group.
3. SKU Gatekeeper: Oversee and manage SKU generation. This includes understanding how SKUs work throughout our systems, following naming schema, generating and updating SKUs as needed, maintaining active and discontinued SKUs, and other duties as needed.
4. Label Lead. In addition to the General Label tasks listed above, the following tasks are association with MRH labeling.
a. Knowledge and understanding of regulatory compliance for labels and certifications.
b. Coordinate printed packaging orders. This includes but is not limited to, reviewing requests for labels and printed packaging. Clearly communicate needs to the Purchasing department or printing company. Sending original and updated label files to printers, quoting new print jobs, and communicating issues that may arise with printed labels.
c. Generate new label files. This includes but is not limited to, working closely with Creative Director and Products Manager for re-design projects, generating label templates for in-house printing, and approval of label redesigns.
d. Approve all incoming packaging and labels.
e. Back up for active label updates.
f. Generate compliant supplement and nutritional panels templates for product labels.

Computer Skills:
This position will involve prior knowledge or the ability to learn the following programs as needed:
• Filemaker
• BigCommerce Website Platform
• JobPro
• BatchMaster SAP
• Bartender, MRH internal Label Server and associated printers
• MRH Inventory application
• Microsoft 365: Word, Excel, Outlook, Planner, Teams, and SharePoint
• Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

A more thorough Job Description is available on our website.

We ask that all serious candidates who wish to be considered for employment at Mountain Rose Herbs submit a completed application for employment via our website. You can find out more about employment opportunities and review the details about this position, including access to the employment application, at the following link: You may apply online or print out a copy of our application and fax it to (971) 275-1878 or mail it to: Mountain Rose Herbs Attn: HR Dept., PO Box 50220, Eugene, OR 97405.

Mountain Rose Herbs is an equal opportunity employer, complying with all applicable local, state and federal laws to include both the the Oregon and National Family Leave Acts.

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July 23, 2021 5:21 pm

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